Sorta back

2013-09-04 19:42:06 by firecookie29

I can finally say I'm back to exploring newgrounds after four years. Kinda odd to see how much it has changed.

Edmend McCullin is back!

2009-10-11 18:14:51 by firecookie29

Did ya here? he had to go to the hospital for his gallbladder, but he's okay! oh hey, before i forget, im trying to start a Meat Boy art collab. if you want more info, go the the art forums and you should see it. its called Super Meat Boy art collab. let me know what you think.

Sorry, no flash...

2009-08-24 19:47:55 by firecookie29

My trial ran out, plus it woudn't work so uh, yeah. sorry...

Remember in my last post that I said it would be awhile before I made flash. Well I downloaded a trial version about a week and a half ago and it'll be the only flash movie I make. It's called Price- Drops. Sony and Nintendo talk about to or to not make a price drop for their systems. Sony goes first with Nintendo following. If I have time, I'll make one more flash cartoon. I don't know, it all depends. Got any ideas for the second flash cartoon? Leave a comment.

My turn.

2009-07-27 09:13:00 by firecookie29

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm not so big on YouTube. I'm not even so big on other sites. Anyways, I'm here to post music, VA demos, and pictures. So uh, yeah. Hopefully I'll learn how to make flash later on but that won't be anytime soon.